Fire protection system for air ducts and vents

Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating for air ducts

Intumescent fire protection water-dispersion system — Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating for air ducts 

огнезащита воздуховодов, стабитерм 317, огнезащитная краска для воздуховодов

Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating for air ducts:

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For fire protection of metal air ducts

Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating for air ducts: general informationand application

Intumescent fire protection water-dispersion system. Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating for metal ducts is a complex, multi-component system comprising a finely dispersed mixture of fireproof agents, binder, and water-based active additives.

Application features of Stabiterm-317 coating for fire protection of air ducts

It can be used both indoors or outdoors under shelter. May be applied only on a primed surface (Stabiterm-022 primeraccording to TU 2313-009-84300285-2008). The dry primer layer thickness is 0.02 mm, the consumption is 60 g/m² excluding losses. To use Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating in the open air, it is necessary to apply a protective layer of special Stabiterm-007 composition.

At high temperatures, the composition forms a thermally insulating foam, providing effective fire protection of air ducts from exposure to heat flow and flame. Due to its good adhesion and elasticity, the coating withstands vibration and deformation of air ducts. This is an environmentally safe fireproof material containing no asbestos and other components hazardous to the health of humans.



Special development: a fire protection composition in the form of a dry mix
Due to its high degree of adhesion to the primer, the coating can withstand the air duct vibrations.
Transportation at sub-zero temperatures is permitted.
Dry solids content is 65-72%: low shrinkage of the coating after drying, which reduces the consumption per 1m² of the covered surface.
The production of the composition is possible in the form of a dry mix which provides savings on transportation costs of up to 50%:

1 ton of dry mix is diluted to 1.5 tons of ready-to-use composition.


The coating is compatible with different types of primers and finishing paints.

The capability to apply the coating with a layer of up to 1 mm in one pass significantly reduces the labor costs.
The high dispersion ability of the formulations provides a flat, smooth surface and aesthetic appearance.
The guaranteed service life of the coating is 20 years if the application and service conditions are observed.



Fire resistance rating is confirmed by the Certificate of compliance with fire safety requirements S-RU.PB34.V.00544 dated 05.05.2011.

The safety of Stabiterm-317 fire protection coating is confirmed by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection Report 77.MO.01.231.P.006962.12.08 dated 02.12.08.

In addition, a Quality Certificate is issued for each lot, which confirms the main physical and chemical properties.

Fire protection of air ducts — fire performance
Fire resistance
Effective metal
thickness (mm)
Dry layer thickness (mm)
EI-30 0,8 1,25 0,75
EI-60 0,8 2,2 1,3

*Process loss is not included

Physical and chemical properties
Composition appearance White viscous liquid
Coating appearance After drying, a matte, even surface without pores, cracks, and wrinkles is formed
Dry solids content, not less than, % 70
Density (p) 1,25 кг/л
Diluent water
Dispersion, not more than 70мкм
  • Coating color white. Coloring to gray or pastel shades is possible in the production process.
  • Production formavailable as a ready-to-use composition or as a dry mix.
  • Fire resistance rating from 30 to 60 minutes for air ducts with a metal thickness of at least 0.8 mm.
  • Diluentwater
  • Packing:plastic bucket, 20 kg. Standard package is included in the product price. At the request of the customer, a different type of packaging is available.
  • Certificates:fire resistance rating is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity S-RU.PB34.V.00544 dated 05.05.2011.
    Сертификатом соответствия С-RU.ПБ34.В.00544 от 05.05.2011 г.
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