State-of-the-art equipment allows us to check our product quickly and accurately. Moreover, high-quality equipment is used both in the development of new products and the inspection of raw materials. Thorough tests are included in the manufacturing process of each composition. They are a part of our quality control programme. Eventually, the result of the lab activities is a new product with a well-tuned production process.

The laboratory is fitted with high-precision equipment from leading world companies, which allows you to analyze such parameters as:

  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Intumescence coefficient
  • Wet layer thickness
  • Dry solids content
  • Dispersion
  • Adhesion to metals and primers
  • Microbiology, etc.
измерение сухого остатка, лаборатория огнезащиты

Measurement of the dry solids content of the fire protection composition using a moisture meter according to sample drying method

The dry solids content in a liquid coating material is one of the most important indicators. The higher its content, the more economical the material.

определение степени перетира

Determination of a grinding rate of fire protection coating with a grindometer

Grinding rate is an indicator characterizing the size of the largest solid particles in pigmented compositions.

научная лаборатория огнезащиты

Measurement of viscosity of a fire protection composition with Brookfield viscometer

Brookfield viscometers are included in a large number of international standards. The viscosity index of a fire protection coating affects the uniform application and spreading of the covering layer.