Scientific activity

Fields of our scientific and technical activities

  • Weatherproof fire protection compositions.
  • Fireproof compositions for severe conditions of use, protection against hydrocarbon fire, oil and gas production, and processing companies.
  • High-tech import-substituting fire protection compositions.
  • Use of nanomaterials in the production of fire protection and auxiliary compositions.
  • Heat insulation coating. Improving its heat-insulating properties and weather resistance.
  • Materials for oil production, development of our own proppant modification know-how.
  • Scientific work on the creation of fundamentally new coatings.
  • Development and improvement of the original compositions and technologies for the production of fire protection materials.
  • Carrying out the research of primer systems for steel structures, compatibility tests of Stabiterm fire protection compositions.

The scientific and technological capabilities of the company allow to solve any specific tasks on the improvement of fire resistance, analyze and offer the most effective and rational decision, and develop and test completely new fire protection materials.

The foundation for successful development of the Research and Production Company Fire Protection Engineering Laboratory LLC is the research organized on the basis of the laboratory conducting fundamental and applied research. Scientific developments are protected by patents. Due to our own developments the list of our products includes ts a full range of coatings for the protection of steel structures and wood. Research is carried out in close cooperation with manufacturing division, which allows us to reduce the time needed to introduce new types of products.

лаборатория огнезащиты

Carrying out of research work in a scientific laboratory

Laboratory staff conduct research of various properties of the manufactured fire protection compositions.

лаборатория огнезащиты оборудование

Process of testing of a fire protection composition specimen in a muffle furnace

Coked foam formed in the process of exposure of metal surface with the applied fire protection coating to high temperatures.

лаборатория огнезащиты

Measuring adhesion indicators by a pull-off method using Elcometr F108