Product certification tests

Compliance of our products with fire safety requirements is mandatory. The certificates of conformity and fire tests are carried out in the leading accredited fire certification agencies.

FireProLab LLC, as a reputable manufacturer, constantly initiates additional tests to examine and confirm the major performance properties of Stabiterm fire protection materials:

  • durability of coatings and resistance of coatings to temperature fluctuations, high humidity, sulfur dioxide and solar radiation;
  • for facilities in earthquake-prone areas, as well as in the oil, nuclear and chemical industries — seismic resistance under effects intensity of IX points on a scale of MSK-64 for the level above the zero mark up to 70 meters;
    • resitance to:
      • static influence of liquids (water, mineral oil, gasoline, 3% NaCl solution, 5% NaOH solution, sea salt solution);
      • aggressive vapors (ammonia, sulfuric acid, nitric acid);
      • temperature fluctuations (frost resistance).
  • water resistance of fire retardant materials (ability to absorb and retain water in the pores)
  • ability to retain performance properties under exposure to mold fungus.

Stabiterm fire protection materials form a product line with a very wide range of certifications issued by accredited testing centers.
Our products have been certified in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2019.
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